Thursday, November 10, 2011

Last week I had the pleasure of being in the company of true beauty - a set of FIVE Beswick ducks! Their perfection was impressive, their character obvious, and the very first set of five that I've seen. Not that Ive seen many anyhow, maybe a single one here or there for sale. My mum tells me that they were notorious for falling off walls whenever the backdoor slammed, or when some unsuspecting person lent up against a wall... So these five ducks could definitely be classified as "endangered". Their price reflected their rarity of course, and unfortunately a 12 month lay by wasn't an option (bummer).

To honor the lovely Beswick ducks that adorned so many walls in the years gone by, I've commissioned some new wooden cut outs that are exact silhouettes of the real deal. Im hoping to have them back ready to individualise before Christmas. I also have plans in the pipeline to honor Miss Francis Furness (see previous post). Stay tuned.......

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