Friday, November 18, 2011

Twas the Night Before a Handmade Christmas

I'm continuing with my pledge to buy handmade and buy Tasmanian this Christmas. Unfortunately I haven't been able to weave a trampoline or make scooters, so my little ones wont be getting presents that fit the bill. However, several other family members and friends will definitely be reaping my rewards.


I just love this local take on the old bus rolls. I'd tried to do one as a card (and may still print them up) but just love this one by Jen from Dishpig. The quality of material used for the tea towel is just lovely too - so soft . You could actually use it to wipe up should you so wish.....HELLO Why not hang it on your wall instead! Havent quite decided who is going to get this lovely goodie for Christmas.... wouldn't it be lucky if I didn't need to give it away!

 Meet the Designer...

I bought three of these stunning handmade flowers from a local lass and will be sending them interstate in a couple of days - perrrrfect engagement present!

Stunning flowers by Tamsin Adams

How cute is this guy! You can buy him from Nest in Penguin (support local remember!), or directly from the designer here 

And to help others out there wanting to buy handmade, I've begun the (lengthy) process of starting an Etsy shop, and hope to stock it full of Otter and Wombat things very soon. Here is the link to my Made It shop.....stay tuned!


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  1. awseome Zoe, and thankyou for the comments...will check out your shop, cheers tam.