Monday, November 7, 2011

Tasmania - the craft capital of the world?

Well, this weekend just gone it certainly was! We had The Deloraine Craft Fair - a massive 4 day event attracting THOUSANDS of exhibitors and visitors. We also had the Truly Tasmanian Arts Exhibition and Sale (at Latrobe nr Devonport)- an equally interesting event showcasing the best Tasmania has to offer (and unlike the Deloraine Craft Fair is specific about the exhibitors being from Tasmania). The Boutique Markets (in Hobart) were also on, the Evandale Market (nr Launceston) and the New Exeter Market! I happen to know of one talented artist who was spreading her wares across FOUR markets!

I didnt showcase any Otter and Wombat at any of them, but I did scope the Deloraine Craft Fair and the Latrobe Truly Tas Arts Exhibition and Sale as possible markets for next year. I was interested to see the quality of craft at both markets and pleasantly surprised to know that Otter and Wombat could probably do well at either of them. hmmmmm.

This stunning watercolour is by Steve Howells. I grabbed the postcard but wish I'd also got one of the limited edition watercolours too - mounted, numbered and signed for only $40.

I've decided 2012 will be the year of the Otter and Wombat. My eldest child will be at school 3 days a week next year, and the youngest might even increase daycare to two days so I can do some crafting without interruption. Now, to get those applications done and dusted...

In the meantime, Im getting my ducks in a row (he he) and packing my vintage suitcases for the Town Comes to the Country market in Riana next Wednesday night! It starts at 7 and is being held at the Community Centre. Money raised goes to the CC's new kitchen! A worthy cause.


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