Monday, April 11, 2011

Lots on the go….

Life has been pretty busy of late with holidays, munchkin swimming lessons, and most recently, illness.
I was lucky enough to take my two little ones on a trip to NSW with my mum last month. Having hailed from there in a former life, it was nice to take the boys to see ageing relatives and to give them a taste of what my coastal childhood was like. We had a fabulous time, despite a rocky start to the journey - nearly a whole day in transit thanks to fog, a faulty airline smoke alarm and car rental delays (note to self, take own child seats next time).

As with all trips there were some events that make us laugh - shopping centres that were so big those of us not in a pram already really needed some chauffeuring due to sore feet, the oldest munchkin shouted out "not the shops AGAIN please!!!", the monster-sized dead cockroach greeting my mum in the shower (yuck!), near misses from a seagull caught on camera, young ones and old ones sharing yummy afternoon teas, and best of all, watching my two munchkins sit in the water and play with sand, shells and seaweed. They are coastal kids at heart too! Thanks for a great trip Mum.

Since we came home we have all been struck down with a lingering cold, cough, ear infection thingy. Gotta love planes eh! I haven't been able to catch up with any girlfriends or have play dates, I even had to pull out of going to the first ever Brown Owls meeting .

Make sure you check out Kiwi at Heart to see all the amazing softies that have sailed over to NZ – I was so excited to see mine had arrived!

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  1. lovely to hear about your trip away, but sorry to hear you've been sick!
    good on you with your little softie. I'm sure it will brighten someones day :)