Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Looking for a new burrow

Looking for a new home is supposed to be a joyous milestone in everyone's life – especially when it involves finding the house that will become your children's home and will help shape their childhood. Ummmm, how come then I have begun to get RSI from hours on the computer, a crick in my neck from tension, and I'm sure that I'm also grinding my teeth subconsciously!

Some things that would make life easier:

  1. Fast internet connection
  2. My own personal 'home shopper'- you know like rich people have personal shoppers? I need one who can go to the open homes, take a video of the property and give me a rating out of 10!
  3. Agents who give honest descriptions of properties – a garage is all very well but if it is positioned on a property in such a way that a car cannot enter said garage, it should therefore be called a shed!
  4. A babysitter who could look after the kids for hours on end while I read magazines and get carried away mentally designing the interior of my new imaginary house; and finally
  5. Accepting that my husband, kids and I have just got way too much stuff and should really discard some of it!

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