Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Home on the otter and wombat range

After a week's holiday over on the 'mainland', I'm back home and into full otter and wombat swing! I've just finished making a big batch of necklaces that are destined for Nest in Penguin.

I just love it when they are in their packaging and looking so 'finished'. I wonder who will choose to take them home?

I was lucky enough to find some inspiring objects on our family holiday, and managed to come home with a few special pieces. This moose is my fav! He comes from Smiggle (stationery shop) and looks right at home on top of our dining room bookshelf. He kindly acted as a model so I could photograph the new necklaces. I also got a moose cookie cutter from IKEA, which has potential for being a plaster mould - hmmmmm.

I also discovered some amazing Cavallini products,  rubber stamps inparticular. While I wasnt able to get any for myself, I have been sussing them out for future project possibilities.

Since I last posted, my Made It store has sold a couple of items - the EAT canvas, some earrings, and last night a necklace! I cant tell you how excited and NERVOUS I was about sending my products out to very trusting people who had only seen pictures, not been able to touch and feel the goods they are buying. I've posted some more things on there and hope they also find nice homes.

See if you can spot my moose canvas - he is hiding with some new friends!

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  1. Zoe!! you are doing awesome. i love your style. still need to get me a moose canvas just like the one in Nest!
    i love your moose from Squiggle!!

    best get back to cleaning... in laws coming for a visit today :)