Monday, January 17, 2011

Busy Life and All Things Nice

Thanks for all those concerned friends and relatives who were phoning, emailing and texting to see if our house was one of those evacuated in the Tasmanian floods of last week. I am pleased to say that our garage was the only area under water that involved a mop up, although our road was closed because of water and slippage. There were a couple of houses close by who were evacuated, one because of a dam that was threatening to break it's banks. When I say dam, I mean farm dam, not city dam where breaking its banks would mean a whole lot more water!

My husband had to come home from work early because out of the 4 routes he could take home, 3 had been closed by lunchtime.

We managed a drive about that afternoon to assess the damage to nearby farm land. My in-law's farm was a lake and will certainly help the grass stay green this summer. No stock were at risk, apart from the chickens who were growing tired of a soggy pen. A nearby wildlife park lost a few animals - not through death but because the water rose so high around the 'wetlands display' and the 'trout tanks' that they were able to find freedom by floating away!

The day after our sog, it was sunny, hot, and perfect weather for drying out towels that had been used as sand bags. 

The market on Sunday was a mixed bag. I think people are still counting their pennies after Christmas. Rumour has it that there isnt nearly the number of tourists this year as we have seen in the past - maybe because of the floods in QLD, NSW and VIC? Not sure. I was excited to receive a reorder for my necklaces from Nest in Penguin! Has made my week! And this morning was surprised to see reference to a listing I have on (yellow dahlia earrings) at a blog called  Flattering to say the least. I know otter and wombat isnt to everyone's tastes so it is great to see some people are really liking my stuff.

Thanks to everyone who has sent me emails to say how much they are enjoying the blog etc. Sorry that it is difficult to leave a comment. To do so, you'll need to open a Google account, which is pretty easy. It means you can read and leave comments at other people's blogs, enter competitions to win lovley hand made goodies etc. So would be worth your while and would make me very excited to see your comments online!

Have a great week!

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