Monday, February 14, 2011

Lots of Happenings

On Saturday I was lucky enough to have a kid-free day in Launceston with my hubby! Not that I don't enjoy the kids, but everyone needs some time out eh! It was a gloriously sunny day and the mood was that of Festivale! Families were out, couples were strolling hand in hand, balloons were escaping - what a lovely day.

I took the opportunity to visit one of my favourite Launceston shops - Content - and drop off some necklaces! Content is a cute, narrow shop (63a Brisbane Street nxt to the theatre) full of lovely papers, jewellery, cards, baby bunting, and colourful lettering. I hope my necklaces do well in finding new homes and enjoy their new Northern surrounds! Thanks Malinda for taking my designs on!

Hubby and I strolled up to the Design Centre to see the maker's market before lunch! It was great to see stallholders there that I've been reading about and even purchasing some of their goodies! Ruby Victoria Letterpress & Printmaking, Notions, Isis, and those gorgeous origami flowers made by hideyo. This was my perfect market - small, intimate, sunny, outdoors and full of like-minded people. I'll be investigating whether otterandwombat is able to attend next year!

Speaking of markets, I held my last stall at the Latrobe market for a while. I might go occasionally, but for the time being attending so frequently is difficult with the munchkins! I'd like to spend some time building up otterandwombat's profile through the web and maybe even going to some different markets. Exciting times ahead I think!

Hoping everyone had a nice valentine's day. Hubby brought home 1/2 dozen yellow roses and a lovely card! Such a nice surprise. He is one of the few people I know who goes for cards with long verses and takes alot of time choosing the right card. I usually go for one with the nicest picture and take little notice of what is says inside! So since we have been together and I have been lucky enough to receive cards from him, I have made a point of not only looking at the pretty picture, but taking the time to read all the words he has chosen. xxx

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