Tuesday, October 19, 2010

hmmmmmm - hobbies are resurected

My Chiropractor said to me today "she who travels light, travels far"......such an accurate observation of a mother who has been given a couple of hours child-free time to attend appointments, run errands and sing loudly to the car stereo. I LOVE being able to jump in and out of the car to pay a bill, grab a coffee, get the groceries etc, and not have to go through the effort of getting the pram, toddler attachment, nappy bag, food, warm clothing, toys etc etc aswell!

Becoming a mum is a wonderful milestone in life. But it sometimes means putting things also important to a woman into the back of the cupboard for a few years. An example being craft, photography, sewing, writing, etc. Just lately I have been able to find escapism in my former (and hibernating) hobbies. I've been lucky enough to have some new babies born around me, both being girls! Here are some of the little gifts I made them.

 My youngest munchkin is 1 now and seems to have finally worked out that having a couple of long naps each day is beneficial. Beneficial for his energy levels, and beneficial for his mummy to get in some craft time!

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