Saturday, November 13, 2010

Makers Market @ Latrobe - Otter and Wombat is born!

Last Sunday I escaped the house without waking any of my boys and headed over to give Otter and Wombat a chance to shine at the new Makers Market in Latrobe. I've been to plenty of markets as a buyer before, and used to have a market stall in Bellerive about 5yrs ago with a friend. But this was the first time I'd gone out on my own.

I had a wonderful time! My goods were well received by complimentary folk, and I even managed to make some sales and get 3 orders! I was expecting certain things to sell like hot potatos but they didnt, and was really surprised at things that people were taken with. My disc necklaces were a big hit - I nearly didnt take them because I couldnt work out how to display and package them!

The other stall holders were nice, and being an indoors market, the weather had no affect on us at all!

I'm booked in for the three Sunday's before xmas - now, to get my stock ready!


  1. good on you zoe! it's a shame i couldn't come say hi... so glad to hear you had so much success. I knew you would do well! All the best with your other markets and make sure to include photos in your next post! I'm busting to see your stall layout and products :)

    hoping to be at playgroup next week

  2. Thanks Aims. Hope you like the photos I've just put up. Would be great to c u at the stall one day. It runs till 3pm. Spent today making some new wares and trying to work out packaging that is quicker to put together. Oh to have the money to have the packaging professionally made. Surely that would take away from the home made feel though? xxx