Sunday, February 12, 2012

Thrifting Finds

Thanks to my folks, Im now the proud owner of a 70-80's mini esky! Definately a young man's esky, complete with illustrations of all the things men of the day were into - car racing, motorbikes, bmx-ing etc! Love it!

A pair of Bambi vases picked up at my local 2nd hand shop - very kitch!

A MASSIVE bag of kid's blocks, featuring loads of these little beauties.

How could I pass this up when it was a whole $1!

In keeping with my flying duck obsession, these vintage kid's blocks were in the bag. Im not sure how the kids would have gone putting the scene together - it took me about 20mins! Maybe Im alittle slow.....

Photos to come after alot of airing and vacumming - RED VINTAGE AIRPORT SUITCASE!!! As well as a LEATHER DOCTOR'S BAG! Both in perfect condition, just alittle smelly from other people's clothes. But what is a bit of smell eh!

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