Friday, February 17, 2012

Markets are a comin...

Im very excited to have been accepted into the exclusive Niche-all wrapped up market here in Tassie.

I have heard so many wonderful things about it.... Rumours of it being standing room only because of the volume of patrons....extra rooms being added at the last minute to fit people in...amazing new and emerging designers showcasing their work to thousands of interested and like-minded sure sounds like an experience of a lifetime! But best of all, it being a fundraiser to help the St Giles Society ( who provide assistance to children living with a disability in Tasmania.

Otter and Wombat didnt make the cut for the Launceston markets (sob sob) but I was offered a spot at the newly created Hobart market. Although it means I will be driving from the very top of Tassie to the very bottom of Tassie, Im happy to be doing it so I can breathe Niche for myself. And hey, it might also mean a couple of kid-free nights (am now grinning!).

Next weekend I'll be setting up my stall as part of the Gallery of Portable Art in the Festival in the Park here in Ulverstone. Im even having my mug shot taken next week by the local paper as part of the event promotion...and yes, I've managed to grab an appointment with the local magician, I mean my lovely hairdresser, to get those glistening greys covered in time! I'll be sure to put a copy of the clipping (newspaper, not hair) up on the blog for all to see.

My new rings featuring vintage wallpaper will be making their debut next weekend. Have a lovely weekend. xxx

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