Friday, March 4, 2011

Friday Flourishes...

After a sleepless night last night wondering if my 3yr old munchkin was going to take to the water like a duck, I was OVER THE MOON to say the least when he happily trotted into the pool with 5 other kids for his first proper swimming lesson! I laughed at his enthusiasm and had a slight tear in my eye when he did me so proud. Kids eh!

I'm back working on softies for the Softies for the Children of Christchurch, and have just cut out 2 bunnies from a really simple bunny pattern. You can too! click here I hope mine turn out half as nice as these. Gee some people are just so clever. I hope to send off my contribution next week and hope they bring a little bit of comfort to those in need.

I wanted to show you this GORGEOUS photo I found. I love the snow and the colour of this house is also one of my all time fav's. Despite my love of the summery weather this time last week, we have had a sudden Autumn snap and are now layering up to keep warm. The wood heater is on and I even have a new clothes horse to dry the mountains of washing that suddenly appear every day!
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When I was in Canada I couldnt believe how quiet the world was when there was a thick covering of snow, and how indiscriminatory snow was about where it fell and what pattern it made. This photo is a classic example, and while not quite the BBQ tongs that I laughed about at the time, is pretty amazing all the same.

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