Sunday, February 27, 2011

Fun Times in the Sun

The weather has surprised me this past couple of days – for some reason I’ve been expecting rain, and yet we’ve been blessed with sunshine! On Friday I took my two little boys down to a big park in our nearest coastal town. After what seemed like an incredibly short play on the equipment, we were off and racing their little tot-rods along the bike track. Isn’t it always the way, loads of prep for the mum to get snacks ready, sunscreen, hats, changes of clothes etc, but it is almost always over before it begins – no sipping cappuccinos under the palm tree watching the kids play!

The 3yr old insisted on taking his tiny but fast tot-rod and managed to get quite a distance up between he and his followers aka me and his 1yr old brother, who was strapped to the seat of a toddler’s bike equipped with a parent handle. The sun was shining, people were laughing, local kids were having a ball on the waterslide, and waves were crashing. I was thoroughly enjoying the time with them and grateful that we hadn’t had any poo accidents or grazed knees. At the midway point of our journey the 3yr old decided he was a big boy and could ride his tot-rod down the rather high skate ramps! HELLO!!! Trying to not be a freaking out kind of mother, I was cool and calm, and thankfully it was fine. The 1yr old gradually began getting tired and so it was a race against time to walk back with them both so the youngest didn’t fall asleep, slumped over the handlebars of his bike!

As you can see from the picture, it is a vast park. The only problem was that the older one ended up miles away on his choice of equiment, while the younger and equally independant child was going in the opposite direction!
When we got home I was sooooo glad to be a fan of nanna naps! I have always been a fan, but since having the kids I’ve become more so – any second of extra sleep is welcome in my books!

We got a new computer a couple of weeks ago – hence my more regular posts and ability to join more and more blogs. So impressive to see what others are doing, sharing ideas and uniting for causes. The power of blogs and Facebook is amazing.

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  1. lovely post zoe... laughed about the skate ramps. could picture that very moment in my head! ;)