Monday, March 14, 2011

Adjustable Necklaces off to a new home

On Sunday I delivered 15 new necklaces to NEST in Penguin, and by all accounts, they have been walking out the door ever since! That makes me so excited to know they are well received, and are being worn by appreciative people. I love making them so while ever there is the demand, I will continue to create!

I was lucky enough to have a day off from the kiddies over the weekend. I enjoy being a wife and mother and count my blessings that I was lucky enough to co-create this little family of mine. However, in my former public servant life I was quite regimented routine-orientated which also spilled over into my home life. One thing motherhood is not is routine-orientated, which makes things hard for me at times. I would love to have the house stay clean and tidy for longer than 5 minutes, I would love for the children to play quietly and resemble the well-behaved kids on Little House on the Prairie (except for when the tree fell on Mary and she became blind), and I would love to have the time to explore interests of my own without feeling guilty that I'm pushing the kids away while I do it. I'm sure I am not alone in this, but sometimes it sure feels like I am the worst mother in the whole world.

So to celebrate this day of freedom, after doing a thousand errands that I would've never achieved had the kids been in tow, I went for a solitary walk along the beach.......bliss. The afternoon sun was strong, there were interesting rocks and shells to find, and there was even a fort being built by the locals out of large planks of driftwood. It was an amazing end to a relaxing day. I need to make sure that I schedule more of those in my Filofax!

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