Thursday, January 13, 2011

Floods, Rain and Toilet Training!

At first when we (or at least I) watch the news about disasters that happen locally or even internationally it seems so far away and there is often little to connect with, no 'human element'. It was the same with the QLD floods that are unfolding at the moment. At first it was just another sad news story to me. But then slowly the TV channels stopped broadcasting their usual shows and replaced them with 24hr coverage of the floods, warnings, statistics and then gradually with the 'human element'.  Interviews with people who have lost their homes, loved ones, pets etc. The tale of a couple with a brand new baby who couldn't buy formula from the local IGA because supplies are running out. The footage of people trapped in their cars floating down newly formed rivers and lakes. Today the news has showed SES workers sifting through debris looking for people, animals, survivors.....

I had passed through NYC 2 weeks before the September 11 attacks and was then was in Canada when the Towers fell. When the US closed their airspace immediately after the attacks, alot of the planes who were already in the air were dirverted to Canada and inturn, passengers were billeted out by locals. The accommodation in which I was living at the time had a communal television. For the next 30 days or thereabouts, the TV was tuned into a 24hr news channel which covered the attacks constantly. I saw (like millions of other people) the planes fly into the towers again and again. In the end I had to make a conscious effort to avoid the TV and news of the attacks because it just got too depressing. Suddenly the 'human element' gets too close. Did the terrorists flee the US to Canada on the ferry that I was on? Were they walking the streets of the small city I was living in? Now that the airspace had been closed, how would I get home to Australia? Not that I want to go home just yet, but how would I if war broke out like President Bush was threatening? Should I find myself passage on a boat back home?

I found my mind wandering into the absurd yesterday when we were experiencing heavy and constant rainfall here. Perhaps I should collect my son from day care early in case the sea level rises and floods his day care centre... Disasters are horrible and can affect so many thousands of people. For some of us who have minds that teeter on the edge of sane and absurd, there comes a time that we have to say OK, this is horrible but I need to be able to function and do more than sit in front of the TV becoming anxious, worried and irrational. Time to get up and move about life.

Kids will certainly help keep things in perspective. While things have been going well in the toilet training department for my oldest munchkin, today curiosity got the better of him.....he decided to empty the contents of the nice smelly spray into the toilet and in doing so, spilt some on his foot and gave himself a fright. Out he came crying and looking VERY worried. Bless him though - he owned up straight away! Obviously he hasn't learnt to fib!!! Turns out that he still needs alittle bit of supervision when he goes to the loo so as to not get distracted! At least he smelt nice for the rest of the day!

Keep safe. Love your kiddies. xxx

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