Monday, December 20, 2010

Otter and Wombat takes a few independent steps!

The Makers Market at Latrobe is going well. We had a busy few weeks leading up to Chrissy, and I'll be back there on the 2 January 2011 (9am-3pm). I love doing the market, and have made some great new friends through chatting about our handmade goodies.

Here is a sample of my recent style:

Isnt he the cutest!

I was alittle sad when this woodchuck was bought! He is adorable.

Alot of my gift tags were bought over the past couple of weeks by a lovely local woman called Sky (check out her facebook page called Cakes by Sky) who makes the most beautiful looking gingerbread houses, gingerbread and shortbread. I bought some for a friend, and really had to use ALL my willpower to not eat any before giving them as a gift! The little toadstool shortbread even had grass at the base of their stem!

Drum roll please.......The big news for Otter and Wombat is that some of my goodies are now being sold at a new little shop in Penguin Tasmania called Nest! Nat from Nest is stocking a collection of my disc necklaces, quotable notes (little B5 sized notes with inspiring quotes on them - a great gift for a male who likes to write a couple of lines. Or even as a prompt for your hubby to write nice notes to leave about the house for you... there are 7 in a pack, one for each day!), some stamped stationery on parchment paper, and my canvases featuring moose, owls, trees and other quirky bits!

I've been using my stamps on stationery and a lot of people have commented on how nice they are but that they don't write much, therefore don't have a need for stationery. Hence, Otter and Wombat moved into the canvas business! This moose canvas is on my wall at home, I smile at him every time he catches my eye - a moose with personality! The lettering was sourced by my parents from an antique store in New Norfolk. Rumour has it the letters were once used by The Mercury Newspaper in Hobart. Not sure of the authenticity of this information, but I am running with it.
I have Sky to thank for encouraging me to take my wares into Nest today - thank you Sky. Thank you also Nat for supporting local handmade goodies! Here is Nat's blog  And a big thanks to my parents for patiently sifting through the printer's letters and making multiple mobile calls to me - you found some real gems.



  1. can you make me a woodchuck? he is the coolest!
    i love your products zoe.
    congrats on stocking some of your wares at Nest. Still haven't been there so I definitely will this summer!
    Love that canvas... I'll be putting in an order for one of those too.

  2. congrats Zoe, your work looks great-very clever. I would love to come and see you at one of the markets and purchase one of your cool pendants. have a great christmas x

  3. Thanks for your positive and encouraging words Louise and Aimee.

    Sorry, the little woodchuck was sold and because they are one-off's, I dont have another. I'm waiting on supplies to make more necklaces (nest bought them all!) and when they arrive, I'll let you know and you can have first pick!

    Some canvases are on madeit now, but I can do a custom order if you wanted a moose without the ribbon decal. xxx