Saturday, November 27, 2010


Here is my stall from Otter and Wombat's first day out! Hard to believe it took nearly an hour to set up! I'm excited about the next market but will change the layout alittle. I noticed that people would come and look at the goodies furthest away from where I was sitting. So I might mix it up so there is a bit of everything to catch people's eye.  

I've been working on a new range of disc necklaces too - something to stir up the child in those wearing them and those viewing them on someone else. I'll post some pictures when I can!

Hair pins, broaches, bag tags, bibs, photo cards, stationery and softies.

Felt hair bands. I love these because it means I can push my mop of curls off my face and still have a little prettiness with the felt detail.

one of my disc necklaces

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  1. gorgeous zoe! so glad you took some photos. everything looks awesome! love all your products and your table display is so lovely. All the best with the next few markets, you will sell heaps!