Sunday, August 8, 2010

Crafty Sunday

Even though I only had 2hours of kid-free time, I feel really refreshed from being able to dive into the world of handmade. I managed to make 4 stamped stationery sets and 2 gift tag sets. They are very very simple, both in design and construction. But even packaging them up for sale was oh so exciting. I've sent off a pendant necklace to a relative to try out as my guinea pig and if all goes well, I might stock some on Made It. In the meantime, I have a stall booked at a market in December so am trying to build up stock for that. I'm inspired by the joy creating new things gives me and others like me. I follow some fantastic blogs and am astounded that these women have the time and energy to make the stunning goods that they do. They are an inspiration!

Hosting a 3yr old's birthday party on Wednesday. The guest list has grown to 11 kids (2 are babies though) and I am hoping that the sun shines so they can have a great time outside! Might have to put the craft on hold while I do some baking!


PS - imagine my surprise when I logged onto my blog this morning to discover I had a follower!!! Yey!

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  1. um, I want to see pics my girl! bet they look great.. excited to hear you may give madeit a go too :)