Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Back into the workforce.....

Approximately 5 weeks ago I gingerly re-entered the workforce! I'd been looking at positions vacant for a couple of months, had loads of rejection letters but also some lovely offers too. It took longer than I thought to come up with the right mix of employment that fits my family and myself, and in the end I now have two part time jobs that make up 3 days a week. Both roles are temporary, but none the less it has been great to get my feet wet in the world of the working again!

The kids have relished the chance to have more social time at their various schools, after school care and day care. My eldest was telling anyone who'd listen that "Mum had to get a job so I can go to After School Care!" Bless him. I've found my youngest has been happier going to childcare for 3 days a week than his previous 1 day a week - must feel more comfortable there.

Even my husband has coped! He has never placed any pressure on me to return to work, in fact he has always said that we could survive financially without me working. But I feel more confident and better in myself if Im working and have a purpose.

We will see how it all pans out!

Im also thinking of alittle reinvention of Otter and Wombat.......stay tuned!

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  1. congrats Zoe, on getting out there, It can be hard to find the "balance"...keep up the good work...its great to feel purposeful. have fun too, cheers Tam