Sunday, March 18, 2012

Online Shopping....

After an absence of over 12 months, I've finally restocked my Made It store! Here is the link

It was such fun to be able to upload some new goodies, although I have to admit my photography skills were MORE than challenged. You know when you see products for sale at online stores and they appear to have been taken out of a magazine style photo shoot? Well....sadly mine don't resemble that kind of crispness. Lets just say my talents lie elsewhere!

I recently took delivery of some larger square tiles - 3.5cm x 3.5cm. I'm absolutely loving them! They are perfect brooch size as they allow larger images to fit comfortably. I've got some fabbo cartoon style pics ready to mount and list for sale in the coming week.

The two images are a perfect example of some I've been wanting to use for ages and ages but they were too big for my smaller sized wooden tiles. Hooray - problem solved!

I've also been playing around with polymer clay/Fimo......

I don't have one of those fancy clay rolling tools that creates perfectly round balls. So I roll mine by hand and squish them flat! It is alot of fun but I'm finding it hard to be patient and not fiddle with the disc before it is baked! The kind postman delivered some black and lemon polymer clay today......hmmmmm what to do!

Hope you are all well. Love Zoe xxx

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