Friday, October 14, 2011

Ho Ho Bar Humbug

With Christmas just around the corner and a lot of birthdays in our house at the moment, it seems to be all about stocking up the present cupboard and making a list of who would like what.

My oldest boy (now 4) is pretty sure that Santa is going to bring him a trampoline. He has even mapped out where it will go in our big garden! And so begin my reminders (daily at the moment) that Santa only brings presents to children who behave! The sibling scuffles between he and his little brother (2 yrs old today) are pretty intense at times so I'm sure I will be pulling out the Christmas card plenty of times over the coming months.

Each year, and particularly since having my little ones, I am just amazed at how much stuff there is to buy, send, collect and erect at Christmas time. We have already bought an advent calendar to appease the Lightning McQueen obsessed, and have a 12m roll of wrapping paper ready and waiting. But do we really need to buy, send, collect and erect all that is expected?

For my believing friends there is an emphasis on the real meaning of Christmas, the importance of religion and family etc, and less importance on presents and consumerism. But for those of us who aren't religious, it is hard to find an alternative meaning for the holiday period, other than it simply being a time to holiday in the sun. I want it to mean something special, but I'm just not sure what that theme is. Need to give it some more thought....I don't want Christmas to simply be about giving and receiving presents. It should be about more than that. hmmmmmm.

In the meantime, Santa and I are on the same wave-length when it comes to playing nicely and not annoying One's mother!

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