Wednesday, August 10, 2011

What an amazingly creative community...

When I first began this adventure of making bits and pieces to sell, I wasn't prepared for the new community I would enter and become a member of. It has been a wonderful experience and heart warming to make so many new friends. Sometimes spending a little time with a like-minded person can be as good as going to a gallery or reading Frankie. The new surge of creativity it brings is great.
Ive discovered that there are a few levels to this community - there is the "on the ground" level where you meet people face to face...those who you see at markets and around the traps at various events and who you might even keep in touch with through blogs and Facebook.

Then there is the "cyber level" .....those who you communicate with online but probably havent meet and it is unlikely you will. These people are lovely though, they share tips and information about suppliers, new product ideas and provide inspiration.

Finally, there is the "never going to touch and will live in awe of" community...established designers, people who make quality goodies and who may even live in another land! I could be accused of stalking this "level" of community, studying their work and reading all their words hoping to absorb their creativity. How they inspire...and there are so many of them too. Hours just fly by once I start reading their blogs and articles in magazines...
This new community thing has been fascinating and a privilege to be part of.
One person whom I'm so grateful to is Natalie from Nest. She was the very first person to stock something of mine, and generously has done so ever since. By taking on my early pieces and putting a fair price on each item, it has helped me to strive for a higher quality, given me the confidence to experiment with my designs, and opened my eyes to the world of handmade.
Natalie kindly wrote some words about my latest work on her blog. Read here...

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