Wednesday, July 13, 2011

To Market, To Market.....

I was really really excited a few Wednesday's ago to be told Otter and Wombat had been accepted to attend The Barn Market in Hobart (Tasmania). It is a high quality market that features hand made food, jewellery, stationery, fashion etc etc. I submitted my application in February, and had to wait until the selection committee met in June - a few anxious months eh! Needless to say I cant wait for the 23 July when Otter and Wombat will debut! I'm going to make the 4+hr journey from one end of the state to the other for the market all on my own! I've convinced the hubby that he could do with some quality time with the kids, and that I could do with some quality time focusing on Otter and Wombat. It is also a good excuse to catch up with a couple of old friends in Hobart and maybe visit some shops I wouldn't ordinarily be able to do if I had an entourage.

Check out the The Barn Market blog and come along if you can!

I've also started an Otter and Wombat Facebook page. I've been resisting for a while - I prefer blogging - but it seems all the small businesses I know have Facebook pages and word seems to travel ridiculously quick via this mode of communication. I know some people have trouble accessing blogs, so I guess this way I might be accessing more people than I would otherwise.

 Atlas page rings, also coming to market.

Along with these wood and antique brass adjustable rings

A set of three wall mountable flying ducks - vintage atlas pages mounted on each duck and covered in a protective film. I made a set for a market recently that were snapped up before I'd even
opened my till!!!

Enjoy & keep warm xxx


  1. Congrats Zoe on your admission to he Barn Circle!! Stupendous will be your day next wend. Can't wait for September so I can showcase you at Oatlands Handmade !! :) Row

  2. Thanks Rowena, I still cant believe that I was accepted! And of course when this market is done and dusted, I'll be able to concentrate on doing some work for Oatlands Handmade! Thank you again, zoe